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Channeling and Creativity


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Channeling and Creativity

As both a former "channeler" and award-nominated author (Barnes and Noble's Discover Great New Writers award), I will give insights from my own experience as well as neurocognitive research on the similarities and differences in the processes of writing, art and "channeling," offering techniques for both cultural creatives and sensitives to understand their gifts and deepen their approach.

Location: The Jung Center, Houston, Texas

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Event description: Can comparisons between channeling and creativity give greater insight into both types of phenomena? Is there potential therapeutic value in wider adoption of techniques from both channelers and artists? Prophet will explore different approaches to evaluating channeling, including historical-factual, psychological, spiritual, and paranormal. Drawing upon examples from history and literature, such as Jack Kerouac's process for writing On the Road, and Prophet’s own experiences as a seer in training under her mother, Elizabeth Clare Prophet, a "messenger” for "ascended masters," she will evaluate similarities and differences between artists and mystics. She will also present recent neuroscientific findings about creativity, and suggest techniques for stimulating creative thinking in art and life.