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Channeling and Creativity

Here is a link to my Channeling and Creativity audio at the Houston IONs meeting in the fall of 2014. I will be giving a workshop on the same topic at the Jung Center in fall of 2015.

Channeling and Creativity at Houston IONs 10-12-2014

Here also is a PDF of the slides: Slides to Accompany Audio of Channeling and Creativity

Discussion of Prophet's Daughter and "Shelter Episode"

December 12, 2008, Bozeman Public Library, Bozeman, Montana

Erin Prophet discusses Prophet's Daughter: My Life with Elizabeth Clare Prophet Inside Church Universal and Triumphant. This public talk at the Bozeman Public Library in Bozeman, Montana, took place in December 2008 during Erin's book tour in Montana. Erin discusses her mother's prophecies of nuclear war, which led to the "shelter episode" of 1990 when thousands of followers built and occupied fallout shelters in Montana. She also discusses the church's belief system and prophecies, and why she thinks the shelter construction was a mistake. She also discusses the dangers of perfectionism and positive thinking. Finally, she proposes ways in which she thinks the church should reform in order to promote better decision-making and conforming with its own ideals.

Light and Shadow: Cults and the New Age Movement

March 21, 2014, Jung Center, Houston, Texas

When can positive thinking become negative? How can negative thoughts be positive? We will explore new age ideas about positive and negative emotions through the lens of Jung’s concept of the shadow. Ms. Prophet draws insights from her own experience with Jungian analysis and attempt to gain perspective on her mother, new age guru Elizabeth Clare Prophet, whose work inspired many but also led to highly publicized apocalyptic preparations during the 1990s. She will also review theories about cults, religious violence, and extremism, suggesting ways in which an awareness of the "shadow" can help both leaders and followers in all types of groups.